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Yakuza 6: The Song of Life Review

Coming out almost every year a new Chapter of the adventures of Kazuma Kiryu not only demonstrate important shifts in Japanese culture but also offer an unexpected perspective on the beloved characters and the inhabitants of the fictional region of Kamurocho in the center of the Japanese capital.

The story of Yakuza 6: Song of Life follows immediately after the end Yakuza 5, offering a tragic plot, where Haruka Sawamura at the final concert publicly recognized ties to the Yakuza, losing the idol status and support of fans. Kazuma is sent to jail to clear his name, and Haruka after the pressure of the press and the public is forced to leave the orphanage in Okinawa and sent in an unknown direction.

On returning from prison, Kazuma is trying to find Haruka in Tokyo, but in a strange chain of events puts a former member of a powerful clan in a new conflict between the groups with one and half-year-old son Haruki on hand. Important events of the series quite adequately retold for newbies who have Yakuza 6: Song of Life – the first game. Besides, you can always find the entire history of the Yakuza in a special section of the main menu of the game.

Quite a bold idea to show the strongest fighter Yakuza vulnerable and caring guardian to the little boy gives off. The scene with the feeding of soluble milk or mini-games with motion sickness baby during long walks in the city give the series a special charm. As well as encounters with bandits on the streets, during which Kazuma sends the kid into the hands of random onlookers before to wipe his face arrogant villains on the hard asphalt.

Unlike previous games in the series, a new part concentrates on the history, not only the plot long 20-minute scenes but also closely tying even the side quests with the main line of the project. Leaving after a fierce duel from the temple, you can deal with random passers-by and with proper desire to hear the story of modern Romeo and Juliet or try to help the most devoted admirer of Haruki find a valuable item disappeared from the collection of merchandise.

Some tasks refer to or parody well-known anime projects, like the girl time traveler. Other, socially relevant, tell us in a comedic manner about the difficult life idols, the mascots of cities or dangerous totalitarian sects. The Kazuma can affect the outcome of the side quests, choosing one of the many options dialogs.

Do not forget the authors and adults on topics: QTE in chat rooms on the strip will give you incredible pleasure. Sorry in advance recorded on video real girls exposed solely to underwear. Traditional meeting with the hostess over the exchange of business cards and personal visits. Otherwise, there are about 50 side stories and mini-games in last year’s Zero.

In addition to the main story and side quests, there is in the world of Yakuza 6: Song of Life’s special events, which come to you in the form of electronic messages. Residents share their observations about criminal activity in their areas, offering you to take part in maintaining law and order in the city.

Random tasks, such as rescue of a patient or disclosure of street theft, drop out with regularity, on the screen of your smartphone. But in the case of their failure, don’t worry they will appear in some variation again after a while. At some point, it finally gets to you and you just don’t pay attention to new requests for assistance.

If you delve into the story a little deeper, that Team Yakuza is not much departed from its principles of demonstration Yakuza as noble knights, who are forced to confront the wild Chinese triads and not less unscrupulous Koreans from alien groups. Of course, the representatives of the various Yakuza clans also fight each other, arranging bloody fights, but usually, after these fights, all parties to the conflict remain alive and sometimes become sworn brothers or best friends.

The Chinese are on the contrary shown dishonorable bandits, beating with a knife in the back or cutting the wires to come for talks to competitors in the throat. However, as it has become usual for the Yakuza, good with his fists always wins even dishonest and evil. However, this time victims of violence and at times more than it was before, but the last half hour of the game will not squeeze out one liter of bitter and happy tears from loyal fans of the series.

In the new part of the Yakuza, the creators changed the role component. Now for any act scores in different categories, and for cradling a baby or eating food at the restaurant, you can receive more experience points than defeating an armed group of opponents. Points can be distributed on the basic characteristics like endurance, strike force and health or to spend on special moves skill. The techniques include different types of finishing moves and strikes, and the ability to offer a very unusual set of abilities – from alcohol tolerance to increased attention from women. The latter is very useful in active conversations with the hostesses specialized in cabaret.

The battle itself done in the past style, with some nuances. You have no more switching between combat schools. Chain punches are arranged in a smoother combo, and the accumulation of sufficient level of rage you can activate a special combat mode, during which Kiryu automatically uses the elements of the environment for powerful attacks and finishing moves. Though something similar has happened in the remake of the first part.

Another innovation of the series is the creation of his clan for street wars. Now, speaking against some random thugs on the street of the city, after winning you can invite them to my clan. When your clan has a sufficient number of participants, you can answer the group JUSTICE in one of several cities. These battles take place with a view from above, where using the energy you can summon ordinary soldiers and leaders of his clan for the destruction of enemy groupings. You control only the troops themselves, not intervening in a direct battle. The number of clan clashes are limited, but each time the battles are getting harder and more dangerous. However, to complete all 20 trials in Hiroshima and Tokyo will not be easy.

Despite the new graphics technology, visually the game resembles a Zero with the only difference that the environment during the hot battles much more effectively destroyed, but a part of ordinary conversations offers more primitive facial animations. Some locations don’t look for the modern technological project for the PS4 , even on PRO and the screen 4K.

Otherwise beautiful screen saver, traced in detail the streets of Japanese cities, and numerous vivid and memorable characters create the atmosphere of immersion that we always expect from this series.

As a bonus can be considered a part of Takeshi Kitano in the role of the Patriarch of one of the side clans. His comedic game and unique facial expressions give the project a special charm. The appearance in Yakuza 6 shun Oguri of “ravens” also ensures the game truly stellar status.

Another positive change – advanced adventure mode that opens after completing the main story – here you will be able to further explore the city, collect cats or to participate in the championship of Darts. To unpleasant disadvantage is the almost complete absence or low participation in the project of the heroes of the previous parts, and also a strange twist to the end of the story and the mission to find the stones with quotes, you would have to literally scour the entire city inch by inch.

Yakuza 6: Song of Life – a very full and exciting game with lots of humor and weird side quests, incredibly well captures the spirit of modern Japan. Sorry that this is a less ambitious project than Yakuza 0, and besides, no one-eyed demon, but a stellar cast and a really interesting story will not leave anyone indifferent.

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