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Top 10 Electric Vehicles Under 50,000$ For 2022

With gas prices soaring to all time highs in some states averaging nearly $6 a gallon. There’s no better time to go electric. But many people are hesitant to buy an electric vehicle because of two main concerns.

  1. They worry about high upfront cost.
  2. They worry about range anxiety.

So in this article, I’ll go over the top 10 best electric vehicles with the longest range that are all under $50,000 and that you can get right now in 2022. And before we get into this list, keep in mind that the prices for all these vehicles are the starting prices after factoring any destination fees and before any tax credits or incentives. If you’re in the US and owe at least $7,500 in federal income tax for the year, then you should be able to qualify for the full tax credit which most of these vehicles are eligible for plus any additional state or local incentives or rebates based on your location.

The first vehicle on this list should probably have an asterisk beside it because although the government views this as an electric vehicle, it’s not a fully electric vehicle. It’s actually a plug in hybrid electric vehicle or PHEV.

10. Toyota RAV4 Prime starting at $41,000

The reason I listed it is because it is a fantastic deal for a certain type of customer. If your budget is less than $40,000. And you aren’t quite ready to go full electric yet and you want to be able to fill up with gas if needed. The rav4 Prime is only about $34,000 If you qualify for the full tax credit, it has a small battery that allows it to go 42 miles on a full charge.

So if you have access to a normal power outlet to charge it at home, and if your normal daily driving is no more than 40 miles a day, then you can get by with the rav4 prime and not by gas during your normal daily driving. But for longer trips. It does have a gas engine that kicks in when needed and this hybrid combo gives it about 600 miles of combined total range with a 94 miles per gallon equivalent which is quite impressive. It also comes standard with all wheel drive. So if you live in a region that gets snowy winters or you just want the benefit of having all wheel drive, this is the most affordable all wheel drive electric vehicle that I could find.

It’s an SUV with an ample amount of seating and storage space so it makes for a great family car. But it’s definitely not for someone who wants a fast high performance SUV like the other fully electric SUVs on this list. a plug in hybrid system is more complicated with more moving parts than a purely electric vehicle. But Toyota does offer a good warranty for it. And another good feature is safety. The 2021 model was a Top Safety Pick. So the 2022 model should be similar. I heavily considered buying this vehicle for my wife because it’s literally $30,000 cheaper than the Tesla Model y when factoring in the full tax credit so if you are on a tight budget and want all wheel drive and aren’t quite ready to go fully electric, then the Toyota rav4 Prime is probably the best option for you.

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