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The Monster Hunter World Review

Monster Hunter of obscure games for the PS2 turned into an incredibly successful series, which has become especially popular on portable systems. And although next year the franchise will celebrate its fifteenth anniversary for many iconic status of the famous Japanese game is slightly puzzling. The first draft of the line debuted at sunset of the sixth-generation consoles, but the development team is constantly looking towards portable devices and in the end, all recent years, the major part of the series thoroughly entrenched in the pockets of devoted fans.

In many respects, weak specifications of the PSP and the 3DS did not allow the developers to fully develop the concept of series, which each new project were suspiciously very similar to the previous one. Enemies and locations are constantly repeated, and smallest, though the quality of the innovations was the only breath of fresh air. However, the amount of content accumulated, and eventually grew to epic proportions in which the account was not in the tens or hundreds of hours of adventure, each time attracting to itself more and more skeptical players.

The long-awaited announcement of the new part of the main series presented several high-profile surprises, among which was the return to the stationary platform, and the debut on personal computers, and long-awaited evolution of gameplay in General.

The next game in the series got the console World instead of the number 5, apparently in order not to frighten away those not familiar with the series of stationary players. Gamers will be plunged into the center of an epic battle for survival between humans and ancient monsters, playing not the last role in this confrontation.Adventures in the New world will begin with the traditional character creation, which has undergone a qualitative change, and now not is a choice of several pre-prepared models of the face. The local editor is teeming with a huge variety of sliders and palettes, allowing you to give the main character a unique appearance.

When he’s finished with the main character, have to spend a bit of time in their cat-companion, who also has some appearance settings like color of fur, eye shape and tail.

Story the story in Monster Hunter never paid much attention. Usually the player is simply sent to rescue some village, minimally explaining the plot. From the first minute in the World it becomes clear that the developers decided to throw off the shackles of conservatism – in the style of Uncharted ‘s accession, despite some reservations, looks spectacular, and voiced intros and conversations will be happening throughout the gameplay, explaining the structure of the world and the logic of events. Moreover, you can choose a unique language Monster Hunter focusing on the story in using subtitles, or significantly more convenient to understand voice in English.

Of course, the quality of the story frankly of the stars from the sky is not enough: you should not expect from the World of revelations, challenging twists and unexpected turns. Local history serves only as an auxiliary variable designed just to better immerse the player into the world of hunters and monsters than ever before.

However, the cutscene for the most part excellently animated and professionally delivered. A certain comic, which has always been the hallmark of the series, is still in place. Especially fun to watch the cats palika, who with their lack of seriousness and clumsy clumsiness cause a kind smile on her face.

Fortunately, the introduction of the plot did not spoil what everyone loves Monster Hunter – interesting gameplay. The fundamental concept of the project remains true to the traditions of the series. Players will hunt different degrees of magnitude and danger of the monster using a huge Arsenal of weapons, traps and items support.

The world of the game still consists of several themed locations, unrelated to each other. To get into conventional forest or desert area you can only ride the Wyvern, which is equivalent to a typical teleport or fast transition.

However, the structure of available territories is much prettier, and it consists of stitched a small load of tiny zones. Now it is a complete, multi-level, winding and detailed biomes, filled with strange animals, valuable resources and many secrets.

A huge number of interactive objects, whether it’s exploding toads or the delicate trunks of the trees, leaving after the destruction of the makeshift trap out of vines complement the already breathing life world.

You have to take job contracts for killing a certain monster in a certain location, or just go for a walk without a specific purpose. Missions are divided into Story, in which there are savers and a variety of unique conditions for completion, such as tracking the carts or track a monster on the trail; an Additional, which represent just a contract to kill or capture one or more monsters; as well as Investigation, which are generated randomly, giving a random award, or traversed by the random rules. For example, if the normal job is limited to 50 minutes, which is enough to complete all urgent cases, the Investigation may reduce the available time to 15 minutes, but the reward for this mission will be much more substantial conventional.

Any job can and should take place in a cooperative, especially in the later stages of the game, when the power and complexity of hostile creatures reaches its peak. Story missions have their mechanics of a joint passage, since to call for help in such missions only after all the cutscenes, and to join the group, can only those players who have made and completed such a task in its story campaign.

Creating a lobby to play with friends at first afraid of his congestion, while games with random teammates are activated only by one button.

The quality of the connection in co-op mode is quite stable, allowing a good time as friends, and stray hunters from the same Japan.

Nevertheless, the loss of connection no one is immune, and for the hundreds of hours we still had moments, when it’s on its last legs boss of the player disconnect from the server. However, it is worth noting that in most cases, the game allows you to finish the mission alone.

But before you go after big game, will have to thoroughly rethink the strategy and prepare the necessary tools. Every large monster is a dangerous and complex enemy has its own set of attacks, Arsenal imposed status effects, protection against certain types of effects and many other variables. The abundance of various bombs, mines, enhancing drinks, powders and healing of poisoned knives is amazing, and each such improvised means has its efficient use.

A successful outing is rewarded with a pile of back-breaking labor produced the materials that can and should be used to improve existing weapons and armor. Arsenal of weapons in Monster Hunter always been impressed with their variety and special flavor. Players have to choose from – and then twin blades, capable of bringing down an enemy with a barrage of quick strikes, and heavy hammers, easily breaking the armor on the bodies of the monsters, thus opening the vulnerable points, and multifunctional hybrid axes, combining multiple styles of combat. Bows, guns, spears – the. Some are better suited for cutting limbs. Other ideal to quickly wear down the target. Others hang various statuses or slightly expand the acrobatic abilities of the character.

Brand new weapons of the World, unfortunately, is not presented, however, the existing fourteen types are more than enough to satisfy any gourmet tastes.

Weapons in Monster Hunter is behaving very specific, especially given the modern standards of action games. Almost the entire Arsenal of the hunter very heavy, clumsy and slow, therefore to each individual tool to be used more than a dozen hours, and the full potential of all available weapons can only boast of a rare fan of the series.

It’s nice that the improvement of the equipment has become much more intuitive since got rid of the overloaded mechanic digital calculation of the efficiency of passive skills, but still retain the depth of settings and flexibility.

Armory branch also got an informative table of the progress of improvement, which allows you to more accurately plan and control the path to the desired result.

Getting rid of the hackneyed and overworked mechanic runs like a red thread through the entire project. Now you do not need to carry a heap of grinding stones, axes, nets for insects and baits – the character always has these instruments in the inventory and in unlimited quantities. To collect mushrooms, herbs, honey, and bugs can be on the go, while running. Now you do not need to constantly stop and wait for the long animation of three repetitions.

Rare materials necessary to gain powerful equipment, now drop more frequently and the amount basic ingredients is noticeably reduced. These changes significantly reduced repetatively quickly bored, but necessary actions because of what the gameplay has become faster and more fun than before.

Armor and weapons are the only visible indicator of the progress of the character, but even the best equipment does not guarantee successful implementation of the next contract. More important parameter is the ability of the player to react to external threats and adapt to them with maximum benefit for themselves. Is it worth it to pay another extra attack on a recumbent dragon, or the attack animation is too long, the monster will have time to get up and answer it? Whether to drink the antidote right now and open up from the flank, or try to wait for a better moment? Is it worth it to put the healing mechanism around the dying partner, or it can provoke the monster, and he will bury both of you?

The combat system in the World is not mindless pressing buttons to attack in a random sequence to a successful result. The game always keeps you in suspense, one random error, and the mission, which lasted for more than twenty minutes, simply fails, leaving the four hunters unrewarded.

Each big toothy lizards present in the project, you can make a unique set of equipment, which by its design will replicate the distinctive features of a defeated individual. The armor is decorated with feathers from the tail or fur with a mane, a solid plate, stripped from the backs of dragons, turn into shoulder pads and armor, and poisonous tails and huge fangs after a little processing it is possible to use as a weapon. Study of equipment impresses with its attention to detail, what each armor easily guessed from what he had done.

Monsters have always been the star of the show in Monster Hunter. And World was no exception. Opponents affect not only their study, but also the size. If at the beginning the player will encounter lizards-age, then the average size of monsters will increase, and the hunter will seem a little flickering at the feet of the dragon figure.

Monsters thrive in the new seamless territories, constantly trying to flee from danger and to restore power. Given the size of the current biomes, the developers instituted a system of fireflies that illuminate useful items, collect point of resources and the traces left by large creatures. The tracks and other remnants of life monsters fireflies also help to track down and the current location of the big enemies, marking them on the mini-map and allowing the player to quickly discover the purpose of his job.

In this case, the fireflies remain a subsidiary mechanics, and it is not mandatory when searching for monsters, as in other games of the series, the monsters has a preferred habitat. For example, in the desert Wyverns prefer to be near oases, and in a wooded area huddled on the highest point of the location.

With the advent of the more console graphics project much prettier and consistent with modern hospital standards. Especially impressive are the monsters with beautiful, complex animations and detailed textures of feathers, skins and shells. Lighting and particles look great, especially if you have a modern 10-bit panel with HDRand some locations look even better than the area of the Horizon: Zero Dawn. The other surprise of the simplified image with square elements and smeared textures. On standard consoles, the game lacks clarity and more stable operation – especially on normal Xbox One. Version for PRO PS4 and Xbox One X in this case is more preferable.

Musical compositions in the same style. Among them fans of the series will highlight the already familiar motifs.

Monster Hunter World is making a huge step toward a new audience without simplifying, and optimizing the former just overloaded with mechanics and allowing you to more clearly understand the player his own goals and realize ambitions. Old fans will be delighted with the mass of new impressions and long-awaited fixes that perfectly complement the game and not ruin the originality of the series. World believes that the modern player is able to press more than two buttons, attack and Dodge to defeat the enemy, and it is increasingly expanding its fan base. Incredible opportunities of choosing your own style of play, coupled with hundreds of hours gradually reveals the content and weight of non-obvious nuances keep the screen and forced to return to the world of hunters and monsters again and again. Not the greatest variety of locations and enemies regarding Monster Hunter 4 and Generations and sometimes the interface seems a bit disappointing, but these problems will hardly be enough to at least weaken the impression of the updated gameplay.

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