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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was one of the most beautiful role-playing games of the last generation of consoles. Massive adventure in a fantasy setting amazed by the scale of the landscapes and the complexity of the open world, where the snow-covered majestic mountains and forests coexisted with relatively warm valleys, rivers, ancient architecture and settlements of the Nords. At the same time, unlike Oblivion, the developers were able to optimize the performance of their technology and made the picture is amazingly detailed – especially by the standards of the sandbox at that time.

Until recently it seemed that such projects is the prerogative of the home consoles and PC, but then came The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which has changed the view of users about the games on portable systems. And now, the market received the updated version of the cult RPG from Bethesda for a hybrid console Nintendo Switch. How well turned out the port? Let’s deal.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for the Switch is based on the Special Edition version of the project – and it shows on the chart. Users Nintendo got “Skyrim” with updated lighting, lots of small details, realistic water effects and fog, as well as enhanced detail of the backdrops.

We tested the game and in portable and fixed mode. In the first case, the game looks as clearly as possible. Apparently, she works in the home screen Switch resolution – 720p. The picture is devoid of pixels and “soap”. The environment looks nice due to the tight geometry, crisp textures and good work with lights and effects. Artists from Bethesda back in the original pretty pleased with reliefs and intricate patterns on stone surfaces. But in the updated version of this art has become bigger and more expressive.

The majestic scenery of nature Skyrim looks phenomenal -, especially in the portable mode. Of course, Zelda at the start showed how to look for open worlds on the Switch, but it is inspired by the classic Japanese animation, a project from Bethesda still made in a realistic manner. And when the shot fall the mountains, on slopes which slowly floating clouds, and the wind blows in the snow, and all this on the screen Switch somewhere in the metro and not cut into small sections stitched boot screens, it’s hard to believe that the handheld console has come to this.

The main thing is not to forget to bring a good pair of headphones, because divine, scolding to the core, the soundtrack from Jeremy Soule as always enhances the atmosphere several times.

Dark dungeons, overgrown with cobwebs and filled with fog, looks almost better. There are well marked three-dimensional surfaces and small details. It was from the Skyrim artists Bethesda actively began to create in their games, a lot of small touches to the portrait of dungeons, whether it is sprouted from holes in the ceiling vegetation, hastily thrown utensils, twinkling in the darkness of a candle or inhabitants of the underground bastions that do not have time to get out from under the collapse and now their skeletons are buried forever in the dusty dilapidated rooms and halls.

This is complemented by a good, though fairly simple puzzles in which players must explore the environment and to combine the necessary symbols on the stone obelisks. Or, alternatively, to rotate a huge plate, according to the prompts, drawn on ancient keys. The last and even refers to the study of objects in the style of old Resident Evil.

Exploring abandoned temples with slabs, covered with text in the dragon language, your character will learn special magic. These new powers – Cries – as it is impossible by the way come to help in overcoming the numerous traps. For example, one of them allows you to speed up and teleports you forward, which helps to quickly escape from a dangerous enemy or to overcome a room with spears and beating of the walls with axes.

The game world is so vast and rich that the eyes diverge where to start your adventures. While you go through the plot mission, consistently found on the map new points of interest, whether ancient abandoned temples, unexplored caves, new settlements, camps of bandits or stone monoliths, granting certain bonuses.

And this is not to mention the battles with the dragons, a victory over whom, in addition to the experience and items rewards the soul, unlocking new Shouts.

Communication with the characters will not only unlock new jobs and marks interesting locations on the map, but also expands your knowledge of the world and life of the peoples of Skyrim. Talking with the locals you will learn many new details about the culture of Tamriel: ancient legends and deities, traditions and celebrations, religion, and politics.

Additional knowledge can be learned from books that can be found anywhere – including on the dusty shelves of the abandoned dungeons.

In addition, books and notes can activate the new mission, and a special volume will teach you fresh spells. For a thorough study of the rich game world of Skyrim can take up to 250 hours of real time. And it will not be a simple sweep the area from hordes of bandits.

In this case, as before, your actions gain more abilities, allowing you to develop more naturally. Want to become Solid Snake? Use stealth more often and eventually the skill’ll get better. Want to ignite enemies from a distance, equip the magic of Destruction, eventually making it stronger. Various types of bladed weapons, shields, armor, alchemy and blacksmithing, lockpicking, pickpocketing, eloquence – all pumped from using. And filling a strip of skill level, you can unlock certain bonuses on the map of the constellations that represent the branches of role-playing system.

Of course, you can always pump up the master if to find the right person, but it is expensive. The gold you earn in quests, get from defeated enemies and find in the game world. Great income brings honestly stolen loot. Exploring dungeons, you will find a huge number of expensive items that’ll want to buy merchants.

Even if you’re not pumped skill of communication, you can just put on the special gear, which makes prices in shops better for you. For convenience, the developers almost immediately give you to help a partner who not only helps in combat, but also serves as a donkey – an extra bag for the loot.

Battles, as before, can take place with a view from both first and third person. Bethesda didn’t change, so in Skyrim all the same animations from 2011. Fortunately, when playing with the first-person is almost seamless and the battles are perceived well. The combat system remains unchanged, so you like before, you can combine magic and melee weapons, to use two spells at the same time or connect both hands to create a more powerful magic flow, if you use one spell.

Unlike Doom, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim looks nice and in a stationary mode. But here are the obvious differences with the other versions of the game. Apparently, in the dock Skyrim runs at 900 punlike the 1080p on PS4 and Xbox One. The game looks much crisper than the original version for Xbox 360 even on the TV format of 4K, but still falls short of the purity of the images for the other platforms this generation.

Fortunately, we have not found any problems with framerate. Skyrim on the Switch successfully keeps the bar at 30 frames per second, just like the version for PS4 and Xbox One. Download also quite fast.

In the version for the Switch hit all three add-ons, Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn. The first describes the attack of vampires and the organization that fights against them. The second allows you to build your own house and adopt a child. And the third is the most interesting and large – sends to Solstheim – an island near Morrowind, where the hero has to slay an ancient cult.

Bethesda did a good job of optimizing the files, from-for what the total weight of the game on the Switch is only 14.5 GB. Here, however, is not included free addition with a Russian audio track, which should appear in the day the game was released November 17, 2017. Initially in the game there are only subtitles, menus, and text in books and notes, and voice – in English.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for Nintendo Switch is a great reason to re-take the cult role-playing game from Bethesda wherever you are. A good adaptation for hybrid console allows you to launch even large-scale RPG in the way that seemed impossible a year ago. If you are a fan of the series and you have a Switch, then try it definitely worth it, and new players just have to get acquainted with one of the most exciting projects in the modern history of the genre.

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