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Overview Cuphead

Often before the video gamers there is a situation where there is a spacious sofa, swietoslava pizza, a TV with a connected console or PC, a friend and a couple of controllers… of Course, formed the difficult question what would be cut? Something fun and understandable, devoid of thousands of numbers, and inappropriate pumping, offering to pass along a virtual fire and water, and causing joy to scream and laugh when fell another does not fit in the screen boss…

Cuphead in this respect, impeccable social game. Her mechanics are good just ten seconds. Before us is a classic two-dimensional side-scroller in the style of the legendary Contra. Run, jump, Crouch, and almost never let go of the trigger, firing in eight directions. There is a button supervisee and quick jerk to the side.

Additionally, the developers added a kind of parry. If you’re chased by a projectile or enemy is bright pink, you are allowed to jump up on it and absorb the shock by pressing a jump, for the game will be awarded the charge of supervisee.

The same way you can manage to revive the fallen in battle comrades, “spirova” his soul flying up.

Otherwise, a good old Contra, simplified in terms of management points and “continuations” – strictly three lives per level, feet together and twist as you want.

But in this case it is important to not “what” but “how.” Founded by two brothers StudioMDHR Entertainment has done an extraordinary job and made the classical formula to Shine as never before.

The audiovisual style of Cuphead is a real work of art. Lamp drawing of cartoons of the 1930-ies with deliberate defects in the film and mentally roaring jazz of the columns dwarfing the instantly. The atmosphere is reminiscent of the early “Mickey mouse” and the first season of “Tom and Jerry” literally comes to life in front of you. Hard to believe that we are still involved in this show!

In the world of Cuphead no blood and violence, but a healthy psychedelic madness pouring from every frame. Almost all household items live here. Coin, slot machines, cars, even the shells, produced by you – almost everyone has big eyes and happy grin. We have to fight with potatoes and carrots, flowers, ships and even the constellations; they are all personality, sometimes very charismatic.

The story tells about a guy with a Cup instead of a head, Cuphead and it kruglogolovki brother Mugmen. The heroes decided to visit a local casino, and fortune was on their side, while the proprietor, the Devil, was offered to play on souls with the ability to all casinos. Of course, the brothers have not seen the cover of his own game with the words “Don’t deal with the Devil” and, blinded by greed, lost. The villain suggested heroes alternative – to work on his personal collectors and beat the souls of all debtors on the list. This ignoble, but damn fun and will have to do most of the game.

The structure of the world Cuphead is reminiscent of Super Mario Bros 3. Before us stretches a beautiful global map, where we choose the current job. Activities and secrets there is practically no. In very rare places you can find coins, but to chat with some fun characters. You can come across full of greed a coin that does not trust banks, preferring to stash their savings in nooks and crannies, and fish that… fish with a fishing rod on the shore.

Similar and even more bizarre creatures on every corner. In some places there are shops where a huge pig with a patch over one eye, angrily chanting “Welcome!”, sells a variety of modifiers and alternative armament for the coin. The battle we take two weapons, one modifier and one super-ability.

Destroying the king of the parties these bonuses you won’t, but a slightly easier battle when used correctly. For example, the shot-boomerang good in situations when the enemy is behind and to turn to him too dangerous, the spray makes it easy to sweep away small annoying stuff, but the blast radius is small, and allows you do not to aim, but the damage from it is so-so and is induced it is not always the desired goal. Primary weapon (shot from the finger in a straight line) will remain a versatile tool for all occasions.

The modifiers also in most cases do not provide clear advantages. One, for example, adds a fourth life at the expense of a weakened attack power, the other allows you to automatically parry once per jump. The most effective in many cases remain Smoke Bomb – invulnerability during the dash. Many situations requiring jewelry care, you can easily walk from this lotion.

Many of the tasks the hero is piloting a small corncob. In these moments, the game also saves all perspective side-scroller, but abilities and weapons change. Instead of leap – instant reduction in size, which gives a considerable increase in speed and mobility due to the weakening of the combat power. Most of the modifiers don’t work here, and super-ability turns the plane into a nuclear warhead.

One of the most striking features of Cuphead after the chic styling was its complexity. Almost every first article on this creature is replete with inappropriate comparisons with Dark Souls, like the hit From Software invented such a thing as a “challenge players”. However, the familiar inscription You Died time to take a fancy to your screen a hundred times.

However, if your shoulders lies the carcass of the vanquished in childhood Contra and Megaman, the cries of obstruction Cuphead seem clearly exaggerated. Yes, sweat really have, the number of objects on the screen trying to kill you sometimes it seems crazy, pathetic three lives when you first meet a boss sprayed at the first stage, at the time, how to survive need four. But the complexity of exclusively honest, the requirements for the response and accuracy of movement is hard to call overpriced and shamelessly sadomasochism level I wanna be the Guy the developers, the benefit is not sought.

The levels themselves tend to be on an epically hot boss rush. Classic Run & Gun races, breaking the chasms are also present. They are few, and they are reminiscent of Ninja Gaiden on the NESwhere you were the crowd of enemies for as long as your character doesn’t get to the right place. Whether flying sinusoid fish, fanged bees, shells or mouse-archaeologists with picks – almost all will be endlessly reborn and kruglogolovki to annoy the poor guy, forcing him to move forward.

Levels, as every aspect of the game, made by hand and are filled with interesting situations and mini-bosses. In one job, we need to periodically flip the gravity, as the columns of a fun car and a rubber duck alternately passing it on the floor, the ceiling, and jump over the cars will come. There is an episode where the annoying trampoline regularly crawl hero by the legs and tries to throw it at the most inconvenient time. And sometimes ride on a huge octopus, forcing him to shoot over the rocks and dodging the jumping shrimp, spitting clam pearls… you won’t be Bored for a second.

Particularly successful bosses that owe the soul to the Devil and make up about 80% of the Cuphead. Each of them – a riot of creativity and extravaganza. It’s a brutal multi-stage enemies with unique animations and attacks, which by their complexity and sophistication are more like entire levels.

Complex scenes, when a huge enemy, like a brilliant magician, gets all the new (deadly) toys, look just amazing. It is important to note that this is an incredibly rich action doesn’t take too long, and enemies are constantly trying to surprise you, presenting all the new surprises.

Each mission is like a little animated piece, which was nice to watch even without direct participation. Artists from StudioMDHR Entertainment capable solely of visual images and animation to bring if not to the hysterical laughter, at least until a sincere smile. No matter what the confrontation: field flower, caramel or Smoking a cigar – you’ll always get a sea of positive emotions from a crazy on-screen presentations. To predict what will happen next and what other tricks will roll out the boss to the next stage impossible. Two frogs suddenly going to one-armed bandit, the head car of the train at some point decides to grow four legs and chasing heroes like a horse, and once the baton on the elimination Cosegrove takes tombstone just defeated opponent.

Music perfectly accentuates what is happening on the screen phantasmagoria. Rhythmic and fun jazz compositions resonate with the surroundings and enhance the perception of the game as the cartoon from the deep childhood. Songs like Botanic Panic, which sounds in the battle with the evil carrots and onions crying, remembered his constant layering of small solo parts of various instruments for rhythmic accompaniment. Like a skilful chef, composer Christopher Maddigan gradually adds in the music dish new ingredients, complementing the melody of the new shades of the familiar taste. Fervent lovers of jazz can and does listen to the soundtrack separately from the game.

In Cuphead you can find dozens of references to many classical works, like animation and video game. We have to fight with almost verbatim copy of Woody woodpecker and punch cat Tom. In a single level block the path of wall, as if from the first Contra, and the boss is a Genie at some point playing a warped version of Flappy Bird with shoot through pillars and flying knives.

Focus on bring the project to Contra: Hard Corps. However, despite our love for the masterpiece on the Sega Genesis, the gameplay of Hard Corps places SAG under the onslaught productions. Some bosses allow themselves to be destroyed, lying/standing/hanging in one place, and success in passing on 100% depended on the level of cramming and mechanical execution of simple actions.

It is nice that the designers of StudioMDHR knew this and instead of blind copying of the classics was engaged in the development of its most controversial sides. None of the opponents Cuphead does not sit in a cozy corner. Arena lack safe places at any stage of any boss. Need to move constantly.

The game uses proper dosage of randomness. Restarting a battle a few times, you can observe many changes in one stage. Thus, gin at the very beginning can get from the chest instead of sarcophagi with cats-scarabs daggers. Or even begin to throw various jewels. All three of these options the first stage games will be played in completely different ways. Boss-airship in one of the stages of calls against the constellation (another reference to Hard Corps). This constellation may be as Sagittarius and Gemini, battle tactics with each of them is very different. While helping the boss of the rocket acting on a completely random basis: their frequency of occurrence, a specific spawn point on the right side of the screen and the type of shot (single or loose) do not lend themselves to memorization. To say nothing of such trifles as the dispersion of the shells, the timings of some of the attacks and frequency of actions? All this forces the player to improvise.

Completely without learning, of course, can not do. The share of accidents so that you can make a rough battle tactics on the tenth try, but was always alert and could not win, that is, “on autopilot”.

The choice of difficulty in the game is still present. Before each fight we have to make a choice between Simple or Regular, and after passing the open quite so hardcore Expert. Notably, the duty to build up the health bars of enemies no one. “Fatter” spiteful critics are only in co-op, which is logical. But the increasing complexity affects the speed of animations of the boss, the number of shells and minions, and sometimes opens up new types of attacks, and even extra stages of the battle. This makes repetition as exciting as the first run.

However, lovers of easy walks will not be able to play the game. Even on Simple fun light presentation cannot be and speeches, a dozen of the words “You Died” meet the rookie of the genre already in the first mission.

Interesting fact: if you completely eliminate the death, duration Cuphead would have kept for 2 hours. However, these 2 hours have StudioMDHR Entertainment took 7 years of active development, which is noticeable to the naked eye in every scene.

For the twentieth time accepting death in the first stage of the battle with local Medusa Gorgon, involuntarily pay attention to armed with swords three drops of water, which the devil quickly runs into you. Each of them is different from the rest, whether it be an eye patch or bandana. The developers have spent a crazy amount of work, which is embedded in every frame that you create manually. Cuphead is a good example of what should be the mold of the ordinary epithets of the “made with love” and “put their hearts”. The game takes a chord with many haunting details. Need Titanic excerpt below, several times hearing the theme music of Mr. king dice don’t start to mentally sing along to it in the next few days.

The lack of complexity would be hit not only by the duration of the game. Is perceived to be a sinister grin field flower is so realistic, not cling it so fiercely for his soul? Cuphead perfectly tailored psychologically in such a way as to convince you that each new mission is an impregnable fortress. Passing game together on Regular difficulty, we almost always beat the next boss after about an hour of heated attempts last life in the pocket and genuine cheers. And these pure emotions are really priceless.

Cuphead is the best reincarnation of Contra and Megaman, which only you could imagine. A real triumph of games from independent developers, who once again proved to the industry that the creation of a great project don’t need tens of millions of dollars, multitudes of producers and overstaffed. The developers were not afraid to challenge not only the player but also the modern trends of development. They were thus able for a new approach to old patterns and create an interesting adventure. And considering that we have before us the debut project Studio, it makes you wonder if anything StudioMDHR Entertainment in a deal with the Devil…

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