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Life is Strange: Before the Storm – Episode 2: Brave New World Review

Almost two months after the premiere of the first episode, the company Deck Nine Games has released a second series of the prequel Life is Strange.

The history of the relationship of Chloe and Rachel continues to grow in a spiral, at the request of the players crossing the thin line between friendship and love. Ending on a hot cliffhanger, the plot puts fans in the Director’s office of the school where a nice couple of heroines are threatened with severe punishment for the missed day of class. Further pondering several options of behavior does not affect the development of the plot, but creates a sense of responsibility.

The authors are very well lead you to the choice that seems most correct and – most importantly – personal. But actually in the background of the last series in the Brave New World almost nothing is happening. However, difficult relations in the family, easy chatter in the junkyard, dangerous liaisons, a performance and dinner by candlelight in connection with important decisions to create one of the most common and at the same time emotionally vivid stories.

The authors continue to use special camera angles, offer to play dress-up and make the school play based on “theTempest” Shakespeare in the stunning atmosphere and the final action. Brave New World draws its immediacy and charm of the characters, and you made the election a logical and not an attempt to confuse or lead to unexpected, unlike many of the projects Telltale Games.

Graphically, the new series is a bit inferior to the original: there is less focus on detailing the background and nature, but well-drawn main characters and lighting effects create the desired mood.

Musical compositions have inclined towards melancholy, having exchanged a cheerful indie rock to lyrical ballads.

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm – Brave New World all the feelings stepped up another notch premiere episode, and I am incredibly pleased that Deck Nine Games could multiply the immediate atmosphere of the original, bringing everyday stories, even without superpowers and action, to a new emotional level. We still have the third and final episode, but based on the first two chapters it’s safe to say that we will be soon moved and fascinated by the finale than upset and disappointed.

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