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9. The Nissan LEAF S+

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Starts over $33,000 and can be as low as $26,000 with the full tax credit. Now I chose the S+ model because it comes with 226 miles of range, which is about 75 miles more than the cheapest base model, even though 226 Miles itself is not that impressive, thus explaining the low price However, it’s still enough for most people’s daily driving needs.

Until the Tesla Model 3 came along the Nissan LEAF was actually the most popular all electric vehicle for years so it’s had a long successful run. It’s a five door compact hatchback, but it’s still quite roomy on the inside. It won’t impress you with its acceleration compared to other EVs on this list. But it makes for a great commuter car with a 62 kilowatt hour battery that results in about 100 and a combined MPG equivalent of the biggest disappointment with a Nissan LEAF for me personally, is the charging port that they use. At home it can be charged on either a regular 120 volt or 240 volt outlet which is great just like any other EV but for fast charging on road trips.

It uses the Chatham o charging standard which is inferior compared to the better CCS charging standard that most other EVs have adopted, which gives faster charging and the connector itself is much lighter and easier to use compared to the CHAdeMO now at a Chatham o station, the lif S+ can be charged up to about 80% in about 40 to 45 minutes, and CHAdeMO stations are not as common as other DC fast chargers such as CCS and Tesla superchargers. So obviously this isn’t the best vehicle if you’re taking a lot of long road trips away from home but if you want a reliable electric car with a decent amount of range for your daily driving needs and want to spend less than $30,000 the Nissan LEAF S+ is definitely worth considering.

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