Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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6. Hyundai Kona electric

which is a compact crossover that starts just over $35,000 and this is the cheapest electric vehicle on the market with at least 250 miles of range after factoring in the tax credit which can bring it down to around $28,000. It has a 64 kilowatt hour battery with 258 miles of estimated range and shares this platform with the Niro EV which we talked about earlier. For such a low price.

It has a decent interior with an eight inch color touchscreen display with six speakers and Sirius XM HD Radio, along with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and a 10.3 inch digital instrument cluster. It comes with similar driver assistance features as the Niro including blind spot monitoring and Lane Keeping Assist and follow assist. It also comes with an industry leading five year basic warranty. And 10 year powertrain warranty and the biggest downside is its size. The Kona is relatively small for a crossover measuring and it just 165 inches.

It’s only one inch longer than a Chevy Bolt which is known to be small, and it’s 22 inches shorter than a Tesla Model y it does have six way adjustable driver seats in 6040 split folding rear seats, but with the seats folded down it has 14 cubic feet less cargo volume compared to the maki for faster charging on road trips, it can charge up to 100 kilowatts which will charge it from 10 to 80% and about 47 minutes. If you’re looking for a super affordable long range EV and don’t need a large vehicle for passengers or cargo, but Kona EV is a great option for people on a strict budget.

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