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Which is a four door hatchback with the proportions of a sedan, but the right height of a crossover and it starts at $47,200 and can be just under $40,000. With the full tax credit. It gets a respectable 270 miles of estimated range on the standard front wheel drive model. Even though it has 231 horsepower. The POLESTAR 2 has one of the slowest accelerations on this list with an unimpressive zero 60 speed of seven seconds, but you can upgrade to the all wheel drive dual motor model for just $4,000 more, which will actually make it the quickest accelerating vehicle on this list. With a zero to 60 speed of 4.5 seconds.

But that will also bring the range down to about 249 miles. I actually spent a few hours with a pole star to last year and it’s a really nice car to put it simply, it gets its upscale inspiration from its parent company Volvo and it’s probably the most luxurious vehicle on this list with its futuristic design and solid fit and finish. It comes standard with heated front seats 19 inch double spoke Black Diamond Cut alloy wheels and 11.2 inch center display and it’s the world’s first car with a native Android automotive operating system running Google software that boost a user friendly interface along with Apple CarPlay two it has a nice array of driver assistance features including collision avoidance and mitigation, Forward Collision Warning Lane Keeping and post impact braking.

It supports DC fast charging up to 150 kilowatts, which matches the mach II. The biggest downside other than the slow performance is that they upsell a lot of extras that will quickly push the price up. So for example, if you want their 360 degree camera with more driver assistance features like adaptive cruise control, which is usually included on most of these other vehicles standard it’ll cost you a few $1,000 Extra nonetheless, this is an attractive hatchback sedan. So if that’s more of your style, instead of a crossover SUV, definitely check it out.

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