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10 Different Types of Cars

Are you looking for the perfect car to suit all your family’s needs? Choosing a vehicle that is wheelchair accessible and allows the stroller seat to fit into the car without taking up additional space has never been easier. There are many categories of vehicle classification and should be researched thoroughly before purchasing. The types of vehicles available in the market include convertibles, SUVs, coupes, sedans, limousines, microcars, and hatchbacks.

Car Classification:

Cars are divided into different categories based on various factors. The list of these classifications is as follows:

According to the Body Style:

Vehicles are classified by body style. Some of the cars in this group are convertibles, coupes, hatchbacks, minivans, crossovers, and more.

Based on the Automotive Segment:

Vehicles are classified based on the factors that your vehicle has. Subcompact cars, green cars, compact cars, muscle cars, and luxury cars are some of the examples in this group.

According to the Size:

These vehicles are separated according to size. Examples of this group are microcars, compact cars, midsize cars, and large cars.

Fuel based:

Vehicles are divided according to the type of fuel used. Vehicles in this group include diesel vehicles, electric vehicles, natural gas vehicles, and hydrogen vehicles.

Based on the Purpose:

This is a category of vehicles categorized according to the purpose of use. Commercial, family, exotic, racing, and sports vehicles are some of the vehicles in this group.

Type of Car and its Body Style:

We present the top 10 types of cars categorized according to body type on the market. These vehicles are also available in India.


If you are looking for a luxury car, a limousine is a perfect choice for you. The features of these cars are designed to meet all your imperative needs. The exterior body is elegant, and the interior has a luxurious compartment, which makes it one of the most expensive vehicles. These cars have a separate area for the driver and the passengers have different domains in the partition between the two. Toyota Century, Hyundai Equus Limousine, Great Wall Hover, and Chrysler 300 Limousine are some of the limousines in production.


There are many types of sports cars on the market, including convertibles, hot hatches, large passenger cars, sports saloons, and pony cars. Luxury and famous cars include convertibles and convertibles. The feature that makes it accessible is that it can be converted into an outdoor vehicle. However, modern technology has made many improvements. Some convertibles use automatic hydraulic or electric actuators that make everything intuitive. The Ferrari California, Honda S 200, BMW M 3, Mazda M X-5, and Volvo C70 are some of the famous convertibles.


Economy cars are usually affordable cars for many. These are designed to meet the needs of middle-income people. It also has the advantages of low running costs and low carbon dioxide emissions. The microcar is one of them and it is very famous. A microcar is a combination of a motorcycle and a car. They are equipped with a 1-liter capacity engine and usually have seats for two passengers. Microcars can be tricycles or four-wheelers. This type of vehicle is popular in Europe, called bubble car. Due to recent technological advances, these microcars are powered by electricity. Some examples of such vehicles are Tata Nano, Isetta, etc.

City Car:

Urban areas are a great place to use a city car. These types of vehicles are much safer, faster, and more capable than microcars. Because these cars are made that way, they can reach speeds easily on any road, but they can be dangerous and cannot be used for that purpose. Also called light car in Japan, it is a country that uses this type of city car. Suzuki Cervo, Honda Life, and Fiat Panda are the best examples of city cars.


The hatchback is the ideal type of car for people who want more seating, along with ample trunk space to store their luggage. These cars are much more prominent in size and have much higher capacities than the smaller cars available on the market. The hatchback comes in multiple configurations with 4 or 5 doors. These cars have a two-box design and are designed to give the interior much more flexibility. Very popular in Asian countries, this type of vehicle has shared space for passengers and cargo

Sport Utility Vehicle:

Called sport utility vehicle or SUV. The uses of these types of vehicles vary from country to country and there is a broader definition of SUV available around the world. The design of these vehicles is designed for the important use of this type of vehicle for off-road purposes. The SUV has a vertical box-shaped body design with high ground clearance. The design of these SUVs is unique and sophisticated, making them a stylish choice for many. The best products available on the market include Land Rover Discovery, Jeep Patriot, and Toyota FJ Cruiser.


The sedan is made with a powerful engine and is widely used as a family car. Having separate spaces for the engine, passenger seat and cargo is a hallmark of these cars, with a three-box configuration and a large trunk for luggage storage with a comfortable seat, perfect for families. Sedan types are classified by body styles, such as notchback, sedan ett, hardtop, fastback, hermetically coupled, club, and convertible.

Subcompact Car:

Subcompact cars, as the name implies, have a combined cargo and interior area with four or five doors. It is a comfortable car with a capacity for 4 to 5 people. The length of these cars is usually 3900mm to 4200mm. Manufacturers of many companies make premium subcompact cars that are offered at affordable prices. Some of the best subcompact cars available on the market are the Peugeot 208, Opel Corsa, and others.

Station Wagon:

A more widespread version of a standard sedan or hatchback is called a station wagon. This type of vehicle is ideal for large families. Due to the large size of the vehicle, problems can occur if it is moved in a narrow place, so it is recommended to take a test drive before purchasing. These cars come in a variety of designs, can comfortably seat 5 to 6 people, and have a 1.4 to 2.5-liter engine capacity. Some of the most popular on the market are Volkswagen Golf and Toyota Auris.

Family Car:

Another variation of a sedan or saloon with a rearward roof extension is called a station wagon or station wagon. Two-door wagons, full-size wagons, and all-steel wagons are some of the types of caravans available on the market. The truck has a large cargo area and a two-box layout. The cabin plan has a similar system to a hatchback, but the wagon is much longer and provides additional space for cargo. The design of these vehicles is comfortable, and the interior can be reconfigured with folding rear seats, depending on the priorities of the passengers.