Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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1. Kia Ev 6 WIND edition

Which is a compact SUV that starts at just over $48,000 and can go as low as under $41,000. With the full tax credit, it can travel a whopping 310 miles on a full charge with its 77 kilowatt hour battery pack. It’s very similar to the IONIQ 5 given they’re both based on the same eg NP platform, and they both feature a tunnel free flat floor.

However the Ev 6 has a much less polarizing exterior styling featuring a more traditional design with more curves compared to the sharp retro angles on the IONIQ 5 and the EV 6 has a similar interior as well with the same 12.3 inch digital instrument cluster and 12.3 inch touchscreen infotainment screen and augmented reality Head Up Display, Rotary gear selector on the fixed floor console and it has a similar zebra 60 speed as well coming in at around seven seconds.

But it’s not as spacious as the IONIQ 5 with the EV 6 only providing about 50 cubic feet of storage with the rear seats folded and my wife and I actually test drove an EV 6 last month she drove and I rode in the passenger seat and I wanted to love this car so badly and although I was impressed by the fit and finish and ride quality, we just weren’t super impressed with the subpar infotainment compared to my Tesla Model three, and it definitely felt smaller than I expected compared to a Tesla Model y.

However, the biggest turnoff was the additional dealer markup which made it the same price as a model Y which we have on order however it still boasts one of the best warranties and it comes standard with driver assistance safety features including blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, adaptive cruise control and Lane Keep Assist. And of course it has the same ultra fast charging capability as the IONIQ 5 gaining about 217 miles of range in about 18 minutes of charging on a 250 kilowatt DC fast charger with the ability to hit 350 kilowatts peak. Overall this being a five seat crossover with over 300 miles of range, along with its attractive design and having some of the latest Evie technology. I don’t see anyone regretting their decision to buy an EV 6.